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How To Purchase Land


Here at Richard Noble, we’ve been working in the Perth property market since 1913. Not just in new estates, but in some of Perth’s most prestigious and established suburbs.

What’s this mean for our clients? Well, we like to think we know how to help them choose the perfect address.

And that’s something we think is worth sharing!

The team at Richard Noble is bringing you some of our best tips and advice when it comes to purchasing your next homesite.

Organise your Finance FIRST

You can go directly to a bank or a lender, but it’s often a good idea to go to a mortgage broker. Brokers not only shop around for a loan from different lenders but can also offer you advice and help you through the whole process, from loan application to approval and settlement of the land.


Where you live is as much an emotional decision, as it is about affordability and convenience.

So try to take emotion out of the equation at first and think about the rational reasons for a new address. When you think rationally, you tend to consider things that hold value.

Here are some key points to address…

  • What catchment area are you in for local schools?
  • Are the houses of a quality standard
  • How close are you to conveniences, like cafes, supermarkets and parks?
  • Is there easy access to public transport and freeway corridors between home and work?
  • Are there amenities nearby that benefit the lifestyle you want to enjoy?

All of these points not only impact on how you will live, but they also influence the resale value of your home down the track.


It may seem obvious, but consider your block size and take into account the square meterage of the home you want to build.

Is it big enough?
Will the backyard accommodate your kids?
Can you have that pool you’ve dreamt about?
Is your outdoor entertaining going to live up to expectations?

Most homes are designed around the width and depth of your block, so make sure you give yourself enough options and find a design that really works for you.

Builders have many designs to suit lots of all shapes and sizes but remember to look at your own individual wants and needs first.

Can I get the First Home Owners $10,000 Grant?

This government grant is designed to help first home buyers get into a home of your own. It’s a bit of extra cash in your pocket to help give you a bit more buying power. If you want to check your eligibility the first home owners grant, please refer to the Office of State Revenue website. 


Zoning is not something that’s really top of mind, but for most people who are looking to build a home, it’s certainly something you should look into.

Buying in an area that have different density zonings can certainly impact on your future – not just from a lifestyle perspective, but also on the value of your home.

Remember, it’s not just your land you should look into. Check the zoning on your neighbours’ properties too as the last thing you want is to find out later that you’re living next door to a planned commercial development.

With a myriad of zoning regulations and categories, it’s important that the land you are buying suits your needs and protects your future. If in doubt contact your local council for advice.


The direction your house faces is more than just a case of “will my pool end up in the shade?”

Orientation is a big deal for architects and those planning land estates. The reason being is that it has a very big impact on comfort levels and on your energy bills.

Being in the southern hemisphere, Australian homes tend to prefer a northern orientation especially for indoor and outdoor entertaining areas. This allows the sun to provide passive heating/cooling and light to your home, while also offering better energy efficiency by reducing the exposure to eastern and western sun.

How your home is designed will also be influenced by your block’s orientation. Builders will consider where rooms are located and where windows are placed to provide the most comfort for your family.

Land Titles

When buying an established home, you don’t expect there to be any issues with land title.

When planning to build however, things like title issue can have a big impact on costs and timelines. Sometimes land is sold without a title and its important to understand how that can impact on the price of your home or length of time to build.

We’d recommend requesting information on expected title issue dates for your land purchase if it is bought “off the plan”.

These are some of the key points you should keep in mind when purchasing land. There are many things to consider and we are happy to provide local on the ground knowledge whenever you’re ready or have a question.

If you are thinking about a new address, feel free to reach out at any time and tap into the experience and knowledge of our team here at Richard Noble. 

To find out more about any of our unique lifestyle opportunities and range of prices and lots sizes, contact Rod Wright at Richard Noble and Co on 0407 945 834 or Email sales@rnoble.com.au

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